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Have you ever been in a relationship that is slowly killing you? But you can’t let go because you’re afraid of being alone? How could life be without the person who was there with you for a long time? Love shouldn’t be selfish; it was always given and take. But what if you were a slave of your joy? Most people chose to be a martyr to keep the person and relationship work even the choice caused you too much pain. I know this would make my life miserable, but I can’t let go of the person. I instead live like that than living without him/her. I make him my world and rule my life. Our life was all about his decisions, and I can’t disagree because of the fear. Fear that he might get mad and don’t talk to me for days. I don’t want us to have conflicts. Most of our arguments are just the things I want to suggests, and he feels that it’s nonsense whenever I talk. He always told me to shut my mouth and get off. I feel helpless when that happened, said by the girls from Heathrow Escorts from I blame myself still when we get into a fight. I want to shout the pain, but I don’t trust anybody. I’m afraid they will judge me and advised me to leave my boyfriend. So, I tried to read articles that could help me ease my pain, but all I can see was to get myself back. We are both stable now, we have work, and we live together. Since then, I am funny and love to go-to adventures. I like to excel in everything I do. Most of all, I am God-fearing and close to my family. But everything has changed, he thinks being religious is weird, and he doesn’t like people too much. I am slowly away with the people I used to spend my life. I can barely see my friends and do what I want. I can’t go out without him anymore. My goals in life vanished, and his dreams are slowly achieving. There was never a time she hadn’t had me during his breakdowns, but he was not there when I had mine. I face my problems alone because he blames me when I get into it. I always prioritize his happiness than mine. He can’t even hear any complaints from me. Instead of saying, “I love you,” my magic word becomes “YES.” Yes, because “no” doesn’t have space in our relationship. I don’t want him to go frustrated. I always end up the day sad and depressed, but I accept it because I have chosen it. But years past, things changed. The person I love becomes violent and can’t take how he handles me anymore. And now, I decided to give up. I should learn to accept that my journey with him is over.

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