It was a surprise doe me that I was able to make an Essex escort fall in love with me.


I have not gotten I single word yet from my ex-girlfriend. I do believe that she is already moved on from me which is good news. At first it looked like she would not accept our break up at all but she finally dealt with in and I am happy about what had happened overall. Being in a relationship with a lot of drama will always take a lot of toll on a guy. That’s why I have to be very careful in who should I put all my life to. I’m glad that I have finally gotten in a relationship with someone who is very unpredictable and unreliable. My ex-girlfriend always blames me for anything bad that has happened to her. it is very sad because I thought that we were moving in the right direction but the truth is that I am just fooling myself. I have never been able to be with a lady with that kind of drama now that I am out I want to celebrate and try to enjoy being single. But things got very heated between me and an Essex escort from one night when I was drinking. I thought that she would never be I retested in me but I was wrong. The Essex escort that I meet in a party once seems to be very adamant in taking her out on a date soon. I thought that she was not serious when we are flirting with each other but I was wrong. It’s a great relief for me that I could still be able to impress a lady with that kind of woman. Our date seems to be going on fine and we are getting better and making each other feel comfortable. She seems to have recently hurt by someone emotionally but I do not want to seem so eager to know about her secrets. I just saw a very deep sadness in her eyes and all that I can think about is helping this Essex escort. I have to be very careful of what I am doing from this point because I can see that this Essex escort is looking for a relationship with someone that would be responsible for her. I do not really have any problem with that kind of woman entering my life. I’m sure that she would be a great asset for me especially in keeping me excited all of the time. Then after a while of dating this Essex escort finally opened up about her experiences in the past. She was very sad about her ex-boyfriend because she felt that she has given him everything that she could have asked for. But this guy did not appreciate this Essex escort at all. I really feel bad about the situation that i put myself in and I do want to change. Whatever might be the problems in the past I am going to make her feel safe and honest about where we are heading? It is always nice to have an Essex escort who loves me dearly in my life.

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