Ilford Escorts vs Chicago Escorts


Chicago escorts are a sophisticated lot says Alan. I am sure that they are very nice girls, but to be honest they are not very chatty. I like to have a good conversation, says Alan, but Chicago escorts don’t seem to be able to deliver that. They seem to spend a lot of time looking at you very admiringly but that is all.

You can’t complain at the way they are turned out. They sort of remind me of Surrey girls in a way as they are more prim and proper than anything else. It is kind of surprising to have to make that comparison, but it really feels like you are back in Surrey. Chicago is not a rural area but in a certain way it does have a small time feel about it.

Alan, our international serial dater, spends a lot of time in Chicago. He is a keen sailor, and his favorite auntie lives in Chicago. Alan says that he likes to date Chicago escorts but they still don’t measure up to Ilford escorts. Could it be that once you have dated Ilford escorts, you start comparing all other escort services to Ilford escorts services?


I quite like being in Chicago, and moving around the city. It has some great things to offer including good restaurants and there is plenty to see and do. I am really into sailing so this is the ideal spot for me to spend a few extra days. I go over for the tall ship race every autumn, or fall as the Americans say, and that is a really great event.


The agencies in Chicago are good as well and they seem to be a bit more relaxed. They are all very polite and listen to what you have to say. I have noticed that they pay a lot of attention to details and that is important. Quite a few of the agencies I have used around the US don’t seem to care if they get it right, Chicago agencies certainly make sure that they get everything right. I have never been disappointed in any escorts that I have arranged dates with through Chicago agencies. They have all been delights in their own way.

It is interesting to hear what Alan has to say and it makes you appreciate that Ilford escorts services from are of a very high standard. But then again, we already knew that Ilford escorts are the best!


I would recommend dating in Chicago but just be aware that you will get a very sophisticated escort. They will not be the super sexy escorts that you will get in Ilford or other places, but they will be nice girls.

I always get the feeling that the girls that I date in Chicago have a lot of experience of escorting, and it almost feels like they have been to college to train. Perhaps it is a bit clinical for me as I like genuine girls, but then again I am not complaining about any of the services in Chicago.

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