I did not mean to steal her husband

My girlfriends at Heathrow escorts say that I have this really bad habit of stealing husbands. Whenever, I am out with the other girls from Heathrow escorts. I always end up chatting to married men. To be honest, I always check if they were a wedding ring. The problem is that a lot of husbands do tend to take their wedding rings off when they go out. That does not really make things easy for us girls.

Yes, I am not going to beat about the push. I like to chat up men and have a good time with them. Some of them happen to be married. But, like I say to my friends at London escorts, it is rather up to them. If they know that they are married, they should not allow themselves to get chatted up. I am not the only girl at Heathrow escorts who do this, and I am sure many other ladies find themselves in the same boat. Us girls really don’t know if you are married or not.

To be fair, I think that a lot of women take off their wedding rings when they go out to party as well. I know that many of my married friends do that. It is just their way of letting their hair down and I think that it gives them a sense of freedom. Is it the right thing thing to do. No, I don’t think that it is the right thing to do at all, but we do it all of the same. Some of the girls here at London escorts are married but they never wear their wedding rings to work. Many of the Heathrow escorts who come from places like Poland, are married but they never tell their dates.

I am sure that there are ladies out there who really get a kick out of stealing a husband from another woman. If I did it intentionally, I think that I would get really annoyed with myself. Now it sort of happens by accident. Married men seem to find me attractive for some reason. I cannot explain why that is but the truth is that they do. Most of the girls here at London escorts are very attractive, but I seem to be one of the few Heathrow escorts who attracts married men in droves.

Does it worry me? I do feel a bit guilty that I attract married men, but I do think it is up to them. When a guy comes in through the door at my Heathrow escorts boudoir, I do look at his finger. If he is not wearing a wedding ring, I do look for a faint marl. It is a bit confusing, but a lot of gents in the UK do not wear a wedding ring. There is really no other way of identifying a man as married. There is a distinct risk that you will as a Heathrow escort meet a lot of married men. What can I do about it? To be honest, I really do not know, and I do feel that it is not really my responsibility to do anything about it. It is really up to married men to be responsible for their own behaviour.

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