How to look after your summer tan

We all like getting a tan. It makes us feel sexy and look a bit sexier at the same time. Some of the girls here at West Ham escorts use tanning beds, but I try to stay away from them. First of all I am not sure that they are so good for you. The girls keep picking up various infections and coming back with rashes. Secondly, there are too many risk factors involved with tanning on sun beds. Instead of using sun beds, I prefer looking good with a natural tan.

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Can you keep your tan up all year around? It may take a few foreign holidays, but you certainly can keep your tan up all around the year. I do take a few foreign holidays through the year, and love to enjoy my time in the sun. But, it also matters what you do before you get there. Like all of the other girls at West Ham escorts, I have got my own skin care routine and I stick to it like glue.

I have noticed that since I ditched all the highly scented body lotions, my skin has come along in leaps and bounds. Yes, it is nice to smell good for your gents at West Ham escorts, but I have started to rely on skin oils for that instead. When you mix skin oils with a carrier oil, you will get the most wonderful scent. A lot of the skin oils are made from natural oils, and if you pick the right ones, you can smell good and look after your skin at the same time.

Two of my favorite oils are rosemary mixed with lotus. It does not only smell wonderful, but it so good for your skin. The rosemary increases circulation and the lotus makes it a lot softer. If you can achieve both of those, you will find that you will have really nice skin. The good news is that the oils are cheaper as well, and you end up using a quality product or less money. It really helps to maintain your tan, and I keep telling all my friends at West Ham escorts about it.

You should skin brush your skin as well. I do that all of time. It starts in the morning when I have a shower, and I skin brush before I step in the shower. Then I have a longish shower using baby oil to finish off with. After that I put my special skin oils when I slip my bathrobe on. I go and sit in my bathrobe for a while, and let those oils soak in. After a little while I am ready to go into West Ham escorts and I am fully confident that I smell good for my gents and that I look good as well. I feel so good, and I notice that even some gents on the train like the smell of me. I get lots of smiles and I am sure the gents wonder what I do for a living.

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