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it’s hard to look pass all of the mistakes and misunderstanding with a woman sometimes. that’s why it often just ends up in a really bad way. getting along with an ex-girlfriend is a tough job to ask. there is often a lot of negative and string feelings for each other especially when it got to the point of finally getting married. there is always going to be mistakes in a relationship and when things just do not work out no matter what a guy is doing. then it’s just time to let go and learn to move on. getting along with an ex-girlfriend might seem like a useless thing to do. but ending it on a bad note can make it more complicated in the future. there is no need to still carry a lot of hate towards a lady because it did not work out. people are often very sensitive about the past but there are always a lot of factors that can be in a relationship not working out. it might be because of being too young or unrealistic expectations that a couple have with each other. finding peace and giving mural respect for each other is a sign for growth. not a lot of people do find that kind of opportunities but when they do it can get a lot out of his shoulder. talking to an ex-girlfriend in a matter where it is still normal is weird and complicated. its nice because there are so many things that a guy knows about her. being the one to take the high road is always nice. it’s what I wished I would have done with a London escort from being the cause of why a London escort had to break up with me was really hard to carry. a London escort just did not want to put up with my kids anymore. there was no real trust in our relationship and things just spiral down out of control. but the moment that a London escort told me that she did not want to see each other anymore. it hurt a lot and I started to have a lot of hate in my heart towards her and tried to stop it. but I was not really able to stay gracious to her and that is why things just continue to get worst for me. I know that I had to be a better person as time goes by. and I learned how to forget and forgive myself in the things that I did against my London escort. I finally got to the point where I desire to be friends with her. it was a huge step in my life to take. and after all, if the drama and forgiving. she still was able to stay gracious and have given me much love and support with what comes next in the future. there is no way that I would mess things up again in the future.

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