Sex Vs. Making Love

Sex Vs. Making Love

Many people will use the words having sex and making love interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same activity, and the overall enjoyment is not the same.

Sex is the general act of intercourse between two consenting adults. It has a level of objectification to it but not always, since it is part of the love making act.

Making love on the other hand, refers to everything that goes into expressing love for your partner. In essence there has to be love in existence between the people that are engaged in love making.

It is therefore possible for a couple to have sex and not make love. Doing things for your partner that emphasize the love you have for them are all part of love making and sex becomes the climax of all those actions.

So which is better?

Of course as one might expect, the answer to this varies from person to person, as well as from moment to moment.

If a person is feeling horny and has the need to release sexual energy, they are going to want to have sex and they will enjoy it more than making love. Sex will be very fulfilling for the pure pleasure of having another adult to fuck and satisfy your hormonal desires. A simple sexual encounter can relieve stress in ways that nothing else can. Also, sex for the fun of it can be much less stressful; both parties know exactly what’s going to happen when it’s over. You get dressed and go home. Period. Casual sex is sometimes preferred today, as many young people are deciding to put off families until later in their life. The internet makes all this easier than ever, just look at

On the other hand, for a person in love who would like to show another person how much they love them and have that love returned, making love will be satisfying and rewarding. When you make love, there is much more foreplay involved, this arouses and excites the body and the mind, it is a deeper feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment. Many women will enjoy this much more and even if they do not climax, they will tell you that they are satisfied. But in most cases making love will result in climaxing because both partners are trying to please each other and they will do their best to see to it that this is achieved.