Brixton Escorts is a cure for depression.

In today’s generation, depression and anxiety have become rampant. Everyone that encounter it got a hard time about themselves. It is not easy to deal with depression, everyone that undergo must have someone to express their emotions to lighten their lives. I think that depression nowadays has been decline by most people They say that its just a drama and its only in the mind of the person. But little did they know, we want to free ourselves from sadness, and negative thought. It is getting hard every day, especial when no one is there for you.


Reports say that there are lots of suicide happening now, and 75% of it is because of depression. These people look happy, partying all night but at the end of the day, they had a bad feeling about them. You cant tell a person that she/he is depressed. You cant see it on them, most of them hide their emotions. I think it is better when people show kindness than being rude. You never know what is someone is going through in life. Always watch your words and actions. You have to understand that some people are dealing terribly in life.


I believe that one of the hardest battles I have been through is when both of my mother and girlfriend gone to my life. It’s like the world is falling on me, and cant carries life anymore. The story goes like; my father left us for another woman, he cheated my mom who just did him good, cares and love him. I don’t know why some people choose to destroy someone’s family, why there are people who steal the happiness of others. My mom never showed me that she was hurt or pain, she looks so brave and can smile though. She always told me that she could do it without a dad. They got divorced, and my dad never supports me anymore. My mother works hard for our survival. I thanked her for everything she has done for us. She did her best to give me my needs, and even send me to school. In return, I study hard, always top in class and brought achievements at home. I also knew Stella from our school, just like me. She is a smart woman and a great singer. We have a relationship, but after my mom’s death few days of it, she left me too. I don’t know whats the reason behind it, but she broke up with me.


It pains me and depressed. To my depression I tried to book a Brixton Escorts of, I was happy because they had show love and care to me. From then, I always book Brixton EscortsĀ  whenever I feel sad and lonely.

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