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There are times when you just have to chill out on a date. Some girls who have just joined Bow escorts in think that they have to be full on at all times. That is not true at all. Some gents just like to relax and have a good time. As a matter of fact, I meet up with two gents every week just so that they can enjoy a massage. There is never any rush or trying to make the date as hot as possible. We just get together and enjoy each others company.
I have been with Bow escorts for a couple of years now. During that time I have learned a lot and I have seen a lot. Most gents who meet up with us here at the escort agency are stressed out business men. I am not sure where the boss got the idea of employing really young escorts from but I am not sure that he is doing himself any favors at all. When I speak to the gents that I meet up with, none of them really want to date really young escorts.
Do I think that the young girls at Bow escorts will be successful? I am not sure that they are going to be that great at the job. At the moment most of them are struggling for dates at the agency. The thing is that they act a bit silly at the same time. When I look at my dating diary, I also notice that business dating is very popular at the agency. If you want to get involved with that, I don’t think that you can be too young. I feel that we are going in the wrong direction here some how.
When was the last time you had a really hot date with a 19 year old? When I was 19 years old I was not ready to join as escort service such as Bow escorts. At the time I just wanted to party and have fun with my friends. The young girls who work at the escort agency give me the impression that is all they are after. It feels like that anyway. Are they bringing the rest of us down? They may do so in the future but I don’t have a problem with them really.
A couple of the more senior girls at Bow escorts say that they feel a bit threatened by the younger ones. I don’t think that they have anything to worry about really. The gents that we date here look for experience and a feminine touch. I think that the girls are not that feminine really. Most of them are more girlie than anything else. It is all a bit of a misunderstanding about the direction of the agency, and I think it is about time we all sat down and had a chat with the boss. He is probably thinking that he is doing the right thing but I am not so sure. Mature escorts might be a better way to go.

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