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the more that a man ask from her the more that the burden might get too much to handle. knowing how to stop asking for too much in a lady is a good thing. even though she might want or willing to give more than she has to in a relationship. taking advantage of that is one of the worst things that a guy can do in her life. there is plenty of things to do and be happy with in life. and not just doing things that would just hurt a partner even more. life is more meaningful with a lady who is always going to be there. and if a man asks her for too much it would just make her think about her other option and just maybe want to be a person who would not want her to get hurt or feel pain in her life more than she has to. dealing with such faith is not going to be easy. there are plenty of woman who gets hurt all of the time because they do not seek to know how to stop being taken advantage of. it’s a very strange and dangerous thing to be addicted to pain and suffering. and many people do fall in to that trap especially when the passion is too strong to control. having full control of a person’s emotions is not going to be possible. but it sure would help to stay smart when trying to love someone especially of a woman already knows that it’s already too much that she gives to him already. that’s what I have tried to understand with a London escort from the truth is that taking advantage of other ladies is what I am good at in the past. it feels right to be the bad guy in someone’s life because that is what other people have done to me. but a London escort was not going to open her heart to a guy who has no intention of loving her fully. it feels like it’s there is something that needs to be worked on in my life. that’s why it is always a priority to keep making progress to make a London escort feel like she is always going to be safe. even though that is not what she is feeling right now. there is still a chance that at the end of the day she is going to say yes to having a life together. it’s not going to happen very quickly because a London escort does not want to waste her time with a guy who does not seem up to the task to be the one in her life. but with time. I feel like a London escort is going to change her mind. she does not know it yet. but she is going to love me and have many children together. it is going to be a life that is full of happiness that is not going to be boring at all.

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