Am I doing too much?

I am beginning to think that I am doing too much. Most of the time, I feel really tired and it is a struggle to get up in the morning. When I am not busy at Wembley escorts, I have got this little hostess job that I am doing in a private club. It is all about earning some extra money at the moment. Just having bought my own flat, I would like to go ahead and top up my bank balance. It is not easy, but I know that it can be done.

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Perhaps I am panicking a little bit. I know that I am doing well at Wembley escorts, but I don’t feel 100 percent secure. It has nothing to do with the agency. The truth is that so much is going on in London. I am not sure what kind of effect Brexit is going to have on the escort industry in London. I am sure that a lot of the girls from Poland and places like that, will go home and it will have an effect on the agencies. Will many end up closing? I am beginning to think so.

Ever since Brexit was announced, I have noticed that London is getting more expensive. I am spending more money on groceries every week and I think that I am may have to give up my little car. Fuel prices are beginning to go up and I don’t know if I am going to be able to run the car for that much longer. It might be a better idea to start to use public transport instead, it could be both cheaper and easier.

I don’t regret moving to London, but it is so different than living any where else in the UK. It seems to me that London caters more for big business than people. We are all numbers and just there to look after big business. I think that is true of a lot of big cities but it certainly stands out in London. I love it here but I think that even Wembley escorts are just hear to back up big business. It feels like I am beginning to disappear. Maybe that is another sign that I am doing too much.

When I come home from work, I am so tired. My apartment is now my security blanket. If I need to leave London and Wembley escorts, I know that I can rent it out or sell it. Property prices may have fallen a little bit, but I think that I will be fine. If I only had a secure income like on my London flat, I could afford to live somewhere cheaper and still live. No, I am not going to live with my parents again, but looking at rental prices in the local area where they live, I could afford to rent somewhere and still be happy. Finding a job would not be such a big deal and I would be happy to work in Tesco just to make sure that I have some money coming in.

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